When I first skimmed through The ABC's of Man on Purpose, I literally said to myself, "Let me predict everything that I'm about to read." I only said that because I've read several, if not more than my share of self-help books on manhood. But then as I read chapters 1, 2, 3, up to 26, I found myself eating my own words! The stories that were shared by the author were truly fascinating and beyond unpredictable! His life experiences come forth as close to unfiltered and unashamed as one could get. Through each God-inspired word chosen for the chapters, A for Ask, B for Believe, and so on, the reader is given the opportunity to study key words and self evaluate himself, prayerfully.

The interesting aspect of Mr. Rice's book is that he is not your typical writer. He has written down motivational words, biblical scriptures, chapter titles, personal and private stories, as well as other heart moving phrases from a position of obedience. Who does that? Honestly, if you ever get a chance to meet him in person you will realize that he is not your typical man either. He is a man on purpose, with purpose.

One thing I know to be true is that his life story is one of a kind. I believe it will resonate with many men from all walks of life as they read this book. But more than enjoying dozens of great stories, your spirit will get filled up with some premium faith and some top of the line wisdom; two of my favorite words.

This text is certainly recommended for men across the nation and abroad. Get this book! As men, it's good for us to know our ABC's.

Author/Coach Justin C. Hart
Amazon's #1 Inspirational Bestselling Author of Liquid Sunshine